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  • Diane Sullivan, DVM
  • Amanda Lang, VMD
  • Adria Geller, DVM

Technician Staff

  • Laura B., Office Manager
  • Lesley K., CVT
  • Kate P., CVT
  • Stacey S.
  • Joseph Z.
  • Denise S.
  • Gabrielle T.
  • Allison G.

Reception Staff

  • Jen R., Head Receptionist
  • Deb C.

Our Team

Our devoted team of veterinary professionals strives to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with an emphasis on client education, communication, and outstanding customer service. We are committed to providing thoughtful, compassionate care for all of our patients and their families.


Diane Sullivan

Diane Sullivan, DVM

Dr. Sullivan graduated from Tufts and has been practicing since 1990. Diane bought WLVH in 2005 and enjoys being her own boss. She likes the permanence of owning her practice which allows for a closer relationship with her long term clients. Diane owns Jacoby a Jack Russell Mix, Kramer a poodle mix, and a cat named Furball.

Amanda Lang

Amanda Lang, VMD

Dr. Lang graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006. After practicing in New Jersey for 2 years at a large, very busy practice, she joined WLVH in 2008. Dr. Lang enjoys the atmosphere of a more tight-knit community and has appreciated getting to know the clients and pets on a more personal level. This environment lends itself to her to be able to offer the follow up care that she is known for by her patients. She is a big proponent of preventative and wellness care which truly leads to preventing health issues in the future. She is married, and has 2 beautiful children. She and her family live with their active dogs, cats and many horses.

Adria Geller, DVM

Adria Geller, DVM

Dr. Geller is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree at UMass Amherst and graduated from Tufts Veterinary School in 2006. Prior to joining our facility she had worked with a mixed animal practice which included on call services. Dr. Geller has proudly joined our facility as of February 2016. A particular enjoyment of being a veterinarian is getting to know pets and their families. She has stated, “To watch the patients grow and help the families learn is truly rewarding”. Outside of the office her hobbies include: gardening, cooking, bike riding, horseback riding and spending most of her time with her godchildren and extended family, including the ones with 4 legs.

Technician Staff

Laura Bonnette

Laura B., Office Manager

Laura is an experienced technician who has been with our team since 2010. She is the proud owner of two dogs, Teddy and Bo Jingles, as well as two cats, Holmes and Snowy.

Lesley Knott

Lesley K., CVT

Lesley is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has been with WLVH since 2006. She is an avid outdoors-woman and a great baker! She is very detail oriented and one of our main surgery technicians.

Kate Roslund

Kate P., CVT

Kate, who has been with WLVH since 2012, is full of energy which she needs to keep up with her animals. She owns a crazy dog Moose as well as cats Stoolie, Buca, and Abby.

Stacey Sharma

Stacey S.

Stacey is a hard working Veterinary Technician who has been in the field since 2005. She has a great love for all animals and has brought an active energy to the practice that has been well received by all. At home, her Shih Tzu Hansel and West Highland Terriers Mia and Noah to keep her on her toes!

Joseph Z.

Joseph Z.

Joseph is a graduate of Worcester Technical High School’s Veterinary Assisting Program and received his CVA credential in 2010. He continued his studies at the University of Puerto Rico and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Modern Languages. Upon returning from the island, he began working as a Veterinary Technician while continuing to work on his CVT credential. He enjoys attending Continuing Education seminars to solidify what he’s learned in his program. His is particularly interested in anesthesia and analgesia. Outside of work, Joseph and his partner are parents to two children, a pair of Shih Tzu’s and five rabbits.

Reception Staff

Jen Rand

Jen R., Head Receptionist

Jen is a Becker graduate and has been working in this field for many years. She has been with WLVH since 1999. Jen has been a certified veterinary technician, but now she enjoys greeting the clients and working up front in reception. Jen has a crazy golden named Seeya and Terrier mix named Rosalita Marie.

Deb Callahan

Deb C.

Deb has been with WLVH since the practice opened in 1995. Deb prides herself on knowing the names of our long term clients and is always excited to meet our new clients. She is the proud owner of two terrier mixes named Scout and Harper.